Care for yourself like you care for your car

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Most people take good care of their car. If you would ask them to put coke in the tank instead of gasoline they would say you’re crazy. It’s bad for the car. They will put fuel in because they know, without it it won’t run. If the windows are dirty, they clean them to clear the sight. When winter comes they put on special tires.

When it comes to our body and our soul, we tend to put much less effort. How strange is that?

If your loose your car, you can buy another one. If it breaks, you can have it repaired. But how about our bodies and our souls? Why not rethinking what you eat? Does it really give you energy? Or does it actually damage you? Why not taking enough time to relax and recharge? Sleeping and relaxing are not a waste of time, it is necessary to keep you running, it’s investing in yourself. Why not take better care of ourselves? Treat yourself well!

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