Too busy to meditate?

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

A lot of people would like to spend more time meditating but find themselves too busy to sit down. Are you one of them? Here are some practical tips to help you on a healthy meditation routine.

1. Pick a fixed time. For example every morning when you get up or before having dinner. A meditation session before going to bed is not our first suggestion as you might be too sleepy. When you’re advanced in meditating it might be different and it’s up to you of course. But a fixed moment in the day will definitely help you to have more zen time.

2. Don’t make it too long. If you have trouble finding time to meditate the idea of meditating half an hour or an hour or even more will only make it less likely for you to practice. Better grant yourself some short sessions of 5 or 10 minutes. When you have made this a habit you can start extending the time of your sessions.

3. Forget the mountain top

Nobody said you have to sit on a mountain top to meditate. Although we admit it makes some damn nice photos. But hey, meditation is not about a certain place. You can do it anywhere you like. Of course it’s nice to have your own spot with a nice mat and a fashionable cushion and if it helps you practicing, go on and live it out. But it’s not a must. Try meditating in some places that feel odd, like the waiting line in the supermarket or at a bus stop.

4. Stop judging

The whole idea of meditating is to let go of negative thoughts and prejudices. Being too hard on yourself will only strengthen negativity. Be sweet and let go of all the judgmental stuff and just keep on working on your meditation skills. That’ll be the first step to a pleasant and regular routine.

5. Make it fun

If it’s something you find difficult or look up to doing it’ll only be harder to realize. Why not connect it to something you really like? For example if you like reading. Allow yourself to read for half an hour or an hour after each meditation session. Okay, we admit that’ll only take up more of your time but in the end we believe this is time well spent and it will certainly be worth it. Both the meditating and the reading that is.

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