Writings on the Wall​


Fancy something totally different on your wall? How about an arty quote or an original poem? It will be a real eye catcher, that's for sure!

Different styles and sizes

My quotes are produced in different sizes and colours and of course you can pick a style that suits yours. Find quotes and poems on Instagram or in my book Honderd Haagse haiku's en zeventien Scheveningse. There are writings in English, Dutch, Spanish and French.

Want me to write something especially for you? No problem!


Let us know which quote or poem you like and we will make it into a fabulous wall sticker that is easily applied to your wall. 

Pricing starts from € 75 for a sticker size 23,62" x 11,81"(60 x 30 cm). Inquire about the possibilities.

Kom hier en dans.Noah van Klaveren.Treat
Even the biggest detour can bring you ho
All that I am part of.Noah van Klaveren.
Oh this longing.Noah van Klaveren.Treats